Our Mission

We aim to expand intelligence by uniting social and technological knowledge to advance humankind.

What we do

We build a platform for learning in virtual, augmented, mixed realities and create games to make life cheerful.

Jedium Platform

We build a platform for corporate eLearning in virtual, augmented and mixed realities.

What Drives Us

During its development, mankind has accumulated a vast amount of experience. However, there is a gap between social and technological knowledge. We aim to make a bridge between those types of intelligence and allow companies to implement modern learning paradigms like Connectionism, Social Constructivism, Individual Learning Trajectories.

Key Platform Features

Intelligent Automation

The platform allows adding new training experiences created by third-party developers. All new courses are automatically integrated with other corporate assets and systems (analytics tools, ERP, LMS, CRM, etc.)

Entity-based Flexibility

The platform can easily combine and create learning experience based on entities and representations of components. That allows:

- making any types of combinations of each learning content’s property;

- creating complex visualizations and interactions.

Learning Paradigms Ready

Every learning asset and interaction is represented as an object ready for an analysis of any complexity. That allows companies to implement modern teaching and learning paradigms like Connectionism, Social Constructivism, Individual Learning Trajectories.

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Game Development

We make games for virtual reality (VR) and provide game development services.

What Drives Us

Our dream is to make games free of compromises. Consumers have high expectations of VR. However, the new medium imposes some restrictions on game design. We decided to mix those expectations with familiar console action games and reiterate on our approach thinking out of the box.

What We Did

Our story-driven multiplayer games:


Third-person shooter for Google Cardboard, Gear VR.


First-person 3D-puzzle-adventure game.

Need for Jump

Hands-free platformer for Google Cardboard, Gear VR.

VR Football

Football for Google Cardboard, Gear VR.

Crimson Space

Sci-Fi shooter for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


With Microsoft and MSI, we organize cyber tournaments based on our games:

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