Jedium Inc.


Jedium Inc. is a leading software company working on virtual, augmented and mixed realities and applying those technologies to education.

We help people more effectively acquire new skills and take on new jobs created by technological progress.

We have over 10 years of experience in design and implementation of e-learning solutions, specifically focused on virtual environments, simulations, speech recognition, virtual agents (bots), and a constructivist teaching method.


JEDIUM = wisdom & fundamental knowledge + balance, equilibrium


We aim to expand intelligence by uniting social and technological knowledge to advance humankind.


We offer a platform allowing customers to make educational applications for virtual, augmented and mixed realities. With Jedium Platform SDKs, teachers can create and manage multi-user dynamic virtual environments and educational experiences. Programming skills are not required! It is like to create a website by using a website constructor.


Intelligent Automation. All applications created using Jedium can be automatically integrated with or connected to other systems and software (reporting and analytics tools, Learning Management Systems (LMS), ERP, CRM, etc.)

Entity-based Flexibility. The platform can easily combine and create learning experience based on entities and representations of components. That allows making any types of combinations of each learning content’s property, creating complex visualizations & interactions.

Learning Paradigms Ready. Every learning asset and interaction is represented as an object ready for an analysis of any complexity. Jedium Platform powered by AI, using algorithms powered by data from the user experience (xAPI data), which allow for the application of modern learning paradigms like Connectionism, Social Constructivism, and Individual Learning Trajectories.


Technological progress will change how we all work. Some jobs are already being automated (self-driving tracks, for instance). However, technologies will not only automate some jobs; technologies will create new types of workplaces.

We believe that the best outcomes could happen when humans and machines work together. The best results will come in a case of a combination human and artificial intelligence. We help people to acquire new skills and become professionals in brand new types of jobs.

We believe that we should do that #together.


Being a mission-driven company, we open-source our work. We make things transparent and want to benefit developers who share our vision.

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