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Jedium Inc. is a leading software company working on virtual, augmented and mixed realities and applying those technologies to education. We help people more effectively acquire new skills and take on new jobs created by technological progress.

We have over 10 years of experience in design and implementation of e-learning solutions, specifically focused on virtual environments, simulations, speech recognition, virtual agents (bots), and a constructivist approach in education.

We have been working on e-learning products for the Aviation industry for 8+ years. Our specialists developed and implemented full-scale e-learning solutions for Aeroflot — Russian Airlines, Nordwind Airlines and Flight Safety State Center (Moscow).

Our solutions were presented at several international conferences, including AICC.

We are focused on cabin crew training, language training and offer a platform that helps teachers (non-technical academics) build and deploy virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications. The teachers can create and manage multi-user dynamic virtual environments and educational experiences.

We presented results of our project at APATS 2017 in Singapore:

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Working on the products for Aeroflot — Russian Airlines we encountered a number of problems. The main problems are:

  • Lack of teachers;
  • The learning process takes a lot of time.

For some time before that, we had worked on e-learning solutions focused on individual trajectories, personalized learning and virtual environments. That approach partially solves problems mentioned above and several other e-learning problems. However, there is no any product on the market implementing the complex and general approaches to that kind of solution.

Based on Jedium Platform, we have developed a solution specifically focused on solving those problems.


Jedium Aviation includes:

  • Infrastructure used for a creation of company’s knowledge base in the form of entities.
  • Learning portal that allows conducting classes in a hybrid (blended learning) format.
  • Content visualization in the form of the multi-user interactive virtual environment.
  • Learning instruments allowing a creation of learning experience (courses, webinars) based on the knowledge base.
  • Integration tools for making integrations with external systems.
  • Developer toolkit allowing representations of a content of any complexity and creation of links between entities.
  • Server implementing a representation of the knowledge base as an interconnected set of entities.
  • Flexible client of the multi-user 3D environment allowing users to work in 3D, VR, AR modes.
  • Universal protocol working with all of entities regardless of their visualizations.
  • Web portal (social net) having the option of conducting hybrid courses, classes.
  • Statistics storage (xAPI) of any user's actions in “noun-verb-object” form.


The main idea behind Jedium Aviation is to create a feature-rich collaborative e-learning environment, allowing students to:

  • Work together in different situations;
  • Improve teamwork skills and strengthen cooperations;
  • Share their knowledge;
  • Study in a blended-learning format.

The environment should also provide enough data to create a truly individual experience for every student.

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