Cabin crew training

Client: PJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines.

Year: 2012.

Project’s goal: Testing the ideas of 3D multiplayer training sessions with usage of artificial-intelligence agents (bots), as well as, search for learning patterns in multi-user virtual environments. A wide range of options was considered: from a simple portable class in 3D environment to role-playing games. Focus was on Aviation English language training. The work was carried out jointly with JSC "NICH" MATI".

Project’s results: The pilot project was used by Aeroflot before technical obsolescence and was highly appreciated by teachers. As a result, an article was written in the “Ergonomist”, and a letter of thanks was received from JSC "NICH" MATI".

The project was initially developed in 2010. The video shows a low-poly rendering of an earlier version of 3D environment.

Letter of thanks

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